Benefits of joining the union:

1- Receiving confirmation and letter of introduction of the union to obtain visas of different countries.
2- Obtaining the letter of introduction and official approval of the union to register the sample of the member’s product, in the center of registration of trademarks and inventions with the aim of preventing the product from being copied by irresponsible people.
3- Benefiting from the union’s expert support in determining the price of products and facing the Penitentiary Organization and the Consumers and Producers Protection Organization.
4- Using free consulting services of union experts in the two branches of taxation (property) and social security (labor laws)
5- Benefiting from a special discount for using various training courses of the Industrial Management Organization
Free use of specialized union workshops that are held in various technical and technological branches in cooperation with universities.
6- Free registration of specifications and sample images of member products on the official website of the union in both English and Persian languages.
7- Introducing the member as a reputable manufacturer and under the guarantee of the union to all furniture buyers.
8- Beneficiaries of members, first-degree relatives and all its employees from supplementary health insurance services and other types of insurance (accidents, fire, liability, car) with special prices and discounts for members of Iran Insurance.
9- Enjoying a special discount for renting booths in furniture fairs.
10- Benefiting from the services and programs of the union in the field of export marketing and presence in foreign markets.
11- Benefiting from the services of the union in the field of visiting important exhibitions of furniture industry in famous countries
12- Benefiting from the union’s advice, support and arbitration in the field of intra-union and extra-union lawsuits.